Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Your pain is intelligent

Your pain is intelligent. This is the direct transmission of the heart, when you allow your suffering to reveal its wisdom to you. It is never easy to turn into the scary places, it may never feel good, and it will always be a bit groundless. When you turn toward your fear, your anxiety, your despair, your grief, your sadness, and your loneliness, though, you will be held in ways you will never, ever understand. Guidance will emerge from the stars and the moon, and will burst out of your very own body – rushing in to hold you. There is so much grace here. Look inside and see.

Right in the center of those most difficult feelings, challenging emotions, unbearable stories, and raging sensations you will meet your teacher; your guru will be revealed in all her resplendence.

Yes, it may hurt, but it is a sacred hurt, a blessed hurt, a holy hurt; hurt has appeared as your illuminated pathway home. Somehow, love has taken shape as a doorway of pain and confusion, calling you in, pleading with you to come closer. You have called out to God, to life, to mother earth, to the entire unseen world to show you what you are, to reveal to you the mysteries of love. You are always heard and you will always be responded to. That burning, that longing, that brokenness – ah, the return message has come.

Trust, friends, in your direct, embodied, immediate experience, for it is being orchestrated from beyond. It comes as a firestorm of grace, descending upon you to re-introduce you to what you have forgotten.