Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Will you provide a home for the guests of your heart?

Another Tuesday has arrived; a new week has been given. Who are you? Who will you be? It is not clear yet. Are you broken? Are you at peace? Are you raw and tender? Are you awakened? Are you feeling down? Are you content? Are you bored? Are you anxious? Are you excited? Are you sad? Are you lonely? Are you in bliss?

Friend, you are none of these. You are the infinite and creative space in which all of these come and go. What you are will never come and go.

Will you provide a home for these guests on this new day, even the unwanted ones? For they deserve a home also. Will you allow yourself to be penetrated by these messengers from beyond? Will you take them in as intimate lovers? Will you hold them close? For each one has been specially designed to show you something very important about the nature of love.