Saturday, August 3, 2013

Undress, and come closer

In our intimate relationships there will always be ruptures which arise in the field of friends and lovers; when we open ourselves to the reality that love has come to re-order our world through intimacy, we can expect to frequently be met with surges of those feelings, emotions, and sensations which have yet to be resolved within us. Before we know it, old feeling-friends from the past are there, seeking the light of our awareness, our care, and our attention: for they, too, wish to be held, to be known, to reveal themselves as none other than radiant presence itself. The call is always: come closer; undress, and come closer. 

It can so easily feel as if our partner is doing something *to* us, but very often just being themselves is enough to unleash an avalanche of anger, anxiety, and vulnerability pouring into our world. When we look to love as the organizing principle of our lives, the bad news is that there is absolutely nowhere to hide. Ironically, that is the good news as well. We are back in the scary places, freaked out by feelings of dependency, wondering if we’ll ever truly be seen as we are, knowing abandonment is sure to come soon, worried that opening all the way is just… not… safe. And on top of it all the super-ego is there to remind us: These sorts of feelings sure aren’t very “spiritual,” are they? What about your awakening? You were fine and in bliss and in such peace and sooooo in love when you were on your own… weren’t you? 

In the wake of these inevitable ruptures, please play close attention; for these are no ordinary moments. Love has appeared, yet again, as the ultimate repair, bursting through the cracks in your heart, oozing out of your cellular tissue, emerging in full force out of the strands of your DNA - to pour its luminosity upon you. Each rupture that appears is none other than a raging grace in disguise, pleading with you to behold the portal it is opening inside your body: Come closer; undress, and come closer. An invitation has arrived, but it has not come from any human source; it has fallen out of the stars. Love is at it again, using whatever form it must, to find you, and to show you something about the splendor that you are. It will never, ever stop looking for you, using whatever it must to reach you. Please don’t miss this opportunity! But if you do, don’t worry, love will come again, and again, and again, until your heart has turned to dust.