Friday, August 16, 2013

Look close

Yes, the longing is overwhelming. Must I really suffer more? Have I not burned enough, surrendered enough, forgiven enough, allowed enough? Where is the grace that feels good? You cry out for the grace that moves as sweetness, joy, oneness, and expansiveness. 

But, friends, grace was never designed to feel good, for this was never her role. She has come heralding a new world, painting the stars in the sky and as the architect of the strands of your DNA. She is a representative of wholeness, not partiality. Look close. See that that she is here and she is alive! Just inside the contraction and the expansion, weaved into the bliss and the despair, pouring out of the center of the connection and the loneliness, she is at work, for it is only through the totality that your path home is illumined. 

Grace has not only come in direct response to your longing, but *is* the longing itself, as well as the response to it. She is everywhere, friends! She has arrived inside your body as a golden container to hold and integrate the pieces of your broken heart and your crumbled dreams, for yes she is even these, too, come again in disguise to prepare you for what is next.