Sunday, August 4, 2013

It is by way of your burning that love may move in this world

Some of you have shared with me that you cannot understand why your prayers are not being answered. You are meditating, surrendering, processing, inquiring, and crying out, but you are not hearing any response. The only thing you feel is an unrequited longing in your hearts, a burning in your bodies, and a broken-openness that has colored your world. 

And then in the next moment, when all hope has vanished into an unbearable hopelessness, a firestorm of grace arrives: you see so clearly that this longing, this burning, and this broken-openness is the return message. Love has not abandoned you, but is pouring through the cracks in your armor; re-wiring your body, re-calibrating the cells of your heart, and laying new pathways through your nervous system. It is by way of your burning that you are able to be crafted as a golden, transparent vessel through which love may move in this world.