Saturday, August 31, 2013

It appears to be another ordinary Saturday, but things are rarely as they seem...

Another Saturday has come. You look up into the morning sky and know that there is a miracle happening here, but it feels just beyond reach. You know this day is a gift, that this life could be taken at any moment, but still there is a sense that something is missing. There is a longing that is burning inside you.

But friends, things are rarely as they seem.

Love is taking shape as your hands as you lay them on your heart, as you take just one sacred pause to allow in what is really happening here. It is what is looking out through your eyes as you open wide to the fragile beauty of this world. It is flooding through your cells and your DNA when you take the risk that is always required to open yourself to another, knowing what could happen if you do. It is emerging out of the walls and the floors as you offer yourself as a holding environment for yourself and others when everything is falling apart. It is dripping out of the sky as you wade into the darkness with a grieving friend, an abandoned partner, a depressed co-worker. It is raging in the anxiety of the person sitting in front of you, and hidden in the cracks of your own loneliness, confusion, and fear. It is alive.

When you see that the beloved is always at work, even inside the darkness, your life will never again be the same. Love is not asking you to heal, to transform, to awaken, or change. It needs you exactly as you are. It has not come into your life to maintain things the way they were; to keep everything safe, certain, and predictable; or to protect you from your brokenness. It has come to initiate a revolution inside you. For it is only through this revolution that the sacredness and the magic of this world can be unleashed.