Thursday, August 15, 2013

Grace has appeared again, this time in disguise...

You wake up in the morning and are feeling at peace; it really is a good life; despite the challenges, you’ve been given so much. You feel so open; things are flowing so smoothly: you have friends that really care about you, you’re enjoying your work, you’re feeling much less anxious lately, and the looming sense of depression has lifted.  There is a knowing that you really are worthy of love after all, that you have so much to give and are in the exact right place. 

Grace has appeared, this time coming in disguise as alignment, flow, connection, and a purifying sweetness. 

In the next moment, you notice you aren’t feeling so well; you don’t have much energy, you are depleted; your heart is beginning to ache; it’s starting to feel like too much again. The depression has returned a bit, you’re not sure anymore if you’re actually lovable as you are. While you have heard you are a perfect, radiant expression of Pure Spirit, you are unable to find the evidence. You begin feel that familiar sense of sadness returning, colored by your old companions panic and anxiety. Here we go again. 

Grace has appeared, this time coming in disguise as confusion, groundlessness, uncertainty, and despair.

Grace has many faces and will come in infinite forms in order to show you a forgotten piece of yourself. Please look carefully for she is at work inside each and every cell of your precious heart. Stop, friends, and see that the darkness is yet another way for grace to hold you, for she is not limited to the light.