Sunday, July 7, 2013

Ordinariness is the gateway to the sacred world

In each generation, the dream of the special ones is evoked in the collective, the fable of the ones who come heralding a new age, weaving mythical tales of awakening, here to guide the less fortunate ones home. It is such a compelling story. It is irresistible. We want that. We’ll believe anything, we’ll do anything, we’ll pay anything – just let us inside the dream. There have always been those who would sell the dream of awakening, like the man who sells buckets of water alongside the ocean. It is not another’s dream, however, that will touch the longing within you, for such a dream comes with its own agenda. It is only by letting go of the dream of another that the transformative movement of love can be fully unleashed as your life.

Yes, you can become the hero in your own spiritual story, with fabulous plotlines, suspenseful shifts from one thing into another, wrapped up in myths of the sustained transcendent experience, all resolving in the great “me” who has “become” “awakened.” It is the greatest story ever told: the story of me, starring me, directed by me. But there is a part of you that intuits that love is not all that interested in the alluring fables, the great tales, or in the promises of divine fantasy and superstition. It only wants you, ordinary you, just as you are. There is no mythical journey to make. All that is left is a simple invitation: engage with the energy of love as it moves you – in you, through you, and as you – without making it *about* you. See that ordinariness is the gateway to the sacred world.