Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Love is always choosing you

There is a deeply wired-in part of us that wants love to feel safe. But love can never be safe as it transforms everything it comes in contact with. It is it's nature to re-arrange, re-order, re-design, and alter all that it touches. In this way, it can never provide the ground that we believe we want. We think that this safety is what we're after, but when it's all said and done the longing that was placed inside each of us is for love to do with us what it will, to pour through us and to show us the totality of what we are. We want our intimate relationships to provide safety, surety, certainty, and to confirm what it is we know - and of course these qualities do arise within the field of love as love is the ground of all qualities. But love is transformative by nature and seeks to re-wire everything in its pathway, to bring into the light each and every quality of our being, to introduce us to what is unknown, to show us its majesty.

When our lives become organized around the movement of this sort of intelligence, this type of creativity, nothing can ever be the same again. We see that this love is not personal, never has been, and never will be. In this way, to choose love is to choose death, the death of all that is false, all that is separate, all that is less than whole. We see that we could never choose love because to do so would be to choose the end of "me" and everything I thought was important and necessary. But in one moment, one that is totally out of time, you see that love is always choosing you, and longs in its own way for you to allow yourself to receive its invitation.