Saturday, April 27, 2013

Sacred disorientation

It can be quite disorienting – and also tremendously liberating – when we come to an embodied, experiential knowing that there is *nothing* in actuality which corresponds precisely to our ideas and concepts. Even our most precious spiritual beliefs are not able to touch or to hold reality, for it is just too vast, too intelligent, too creative. At first, this realization can be so shocking, and we can be plunged into the unknown in a way that can be destabilizing. But as this experience becomes integrated, over some time, in a very somatically-oriented way, we might come to feel at home in this groundlessness; we can become so touched by it, so moved, we notice that we care so much about those around us, about this precious opportunity that we’ve been given. We allow ourselves to be filled with profound sadness at times, to be excruciatingly vulnerable, to be so broken open in response to the majesty that has taken form here.

We see so clearly that this human experience is an empty, luminous, groundless holding environment of love; that something is happening here that is a total mystery; everything that appears to these miracle-senses is a special form of grace, is the raging, intelligent, creative expression of the sacred world. For just a moment, we know so intimately, as if the knowing is inside of each and every cell of this beating heart, that love is the substance of this universe and this body – and we are left in awe at just how precious this opportunity is.