Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Love has absolutely nothing to offer...

It can be terrifying to let another really matter to us: whether it’s a new lover, our long-time partner, an old friend, an ex-wife or husband, our therapist, our parents, our children, our siblings, a co-worker. There is a part of us that just doesn't want to take that risk - that somehow we won't be met, that our tender hearts will be shattered, we won't be held or seen, that we'll have to feel a sadness or a shame or a level of exposure that might destroy us. And in some way we're right, in giving ourselves to love something will be destroyed. But it is this vulnerability that is the gateway into love.

Love demands that for just one moment we set aside our fears, our strategies, our transcendent spiritualities, our need for certainty, and our belief that somehow we can resolve this life in any fundamental way. Love is not resolvable, usually very groundless, and it is always a movement into the unknown. Let us see clearly the ways we hold back, how we stand aside as the witness of our experience, and subtly guard against the exposure which love requires. Let us somehow allow the other to mean everything; to somehow be willing to remain exposed, naked on the earth, humble, wide open, ready to learn something new in each and every moment. For it is then that we realize that love has absolutely nothing to offer, really, to our our personal ambition, hopes, fears, and egoic organization; yet it has something very interesting to offer Life itself, through the transparency of what we are - everything.