Thursday, March 14, 2013

Hurled through a portal of love…

I hear from many of you that you are receiving that most sacred call in a life – the call from love, from beyond, from the unknown, to come closer. You are being asked to allow love to move through in a new way – knowing it will reorganize everything; sensing that it will re-order your body, your senses, your thoughts, your words, your heart, your nervous system, your ideas about yourself and your relationships, the way you speak and touch those around you. When we allow love to be the architect and organizer of our lives, we may notice that the bottom falls out from underneath this reality; we are flying through space, no parachute, no ground; there is no longer any perspective from which we could identify ourselves as “awakened” or “unawakened” or “spiritual” or “non-spiritual,” or in any solid way. We come to see that love has no interest in any of that, and we are left only with the ordinariness of this most precious pulsating heart, wired for love, and willing to set everything aside to touch its mysteries. All of our spiritual fables and tales fall away, all of the self-referencing is burned up in the furnace of love.

We come to see how tender and precious this life really is, how risky it is to open in this way and to step fully into the unknown, to be willing to let everything fall aside; to be that vulnerable, to embrace that kind of uncertainty and groundlessness. We will never pin down this reality, we will never come to any resolution with regard to the burning, reorganizing movement of love. It is not an easy life, in one sense, for there is always a tinge of sadness there; you see that you can never turn away, take a vacation from the burning reality of the heart, from the suffering and confusion that is part of this human experience… you somehow crazily agree to remain forever and always raw, always on the edge of being broken open, excruciatingly vulnerable, tethered to the unknown into eternity. The purpleness of purple, the redness of red, the blueness of blue, the anxiety in the face of one we love, the fear that we’ve fallen apart forever, the crushing grief of a life that hasn’t quite lived up to our expectations, the subtle, burning belief that maybe we aren’t in fact loveable as we are.

We wonder what our options really are, what we will have to trade in to finally know this sacredness of this world and of this human body. And then somehow, before we know it, before even on more moment of conscious thought, we find ourselves falling off the grace-cliff of safety, ground, protection, and the known… we’re being hurled through a portal of love into the sweetest (often bitterly so) most precious opportunity we’ve ever been given: this human body and these human senses – right here, right now, *this* state of consciousness, as it is - you as you are – forever, carried into eternity in a holding environment of love. This human experienced is revealed to be what it has always been, and always will be, a special kind of grace field, designed in a way to take you Home, to that true home in the center of your heart.
Photo credit: Diana Thorold -