Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Hurled through a portal of love…

I hear from many of you that you are receiving that most sacred call in a life – the call from love, from beyond, to come closer. You are being asked to allow love to move through in a new way – knowing it will reorganize everything; sensing that it will re-order your body, your senses, your thoughts, your words, your heart, your nervous system, the way you speak kindly to and warmly touch those around you. When we allow love to be the architect and organizer of our lives, we may notice that the bottom falls out from underneath this reality; we are flying through space, no parachute, no ground. You are in utter no man’s land, your body is taking shape as the unknown, with no reference points, no perspective from which you could be deemed “awakened” or “not yet awakened” or "soon to be awakened" (“within the next three weeks”) or organized in any way around any of the rest of our constructed spiritual fables. The fear-based, me-oriented great spiritual tale of me and my experiences dissolves forever into love’s embrace. 
By some mysterious grace, when we realize that it is love that is orchestrating this one and only precious life, that it is the master architect of every relationship we’ve had and will ever have, when we see clearly how it is responsible for providing us the gift of every thought, feeling, emotion, and sensation that this body and nervous system could ever make contact with… our lives become flooded with the truth of love and the love of truth. And then all that we’re asked is to somehow be willing to let everything matter all the way, to give this pulsing overflowing heart over to love and watch carefully how it will make use of it. 

It is not an easy life, in one sense, for there is always a tinge of sadness there… you somehow, crazily agree to remain forever and always raw, always on the edge of being broken open, excruciatingly vulnerable, tethered to the unknown into eternity. The purpleness of purple, the redness of red, the blueness of blue… it’s almost too much. My god, how did there get to be so much grace here? Gone are any notions of wriggling into some “permanent,” “final,” “full” state of anything – awakening, enlightenment, having “no self,” “never feeling conflict again,” etc. Love cares not for any of this and you are seeing this, finally; it is re-orienting everything. This is the trade off… falling off the grace-cliff of safety, ground, protection, and the known… hurled through a portal of love into the sweetest (often bitterly so) most precious opportunity we’ve ever been given: this human body and these human senses – right here, right now, *this* state of consciousness, as it is - you as you are – forever, carried into eternity in a holding environment of love. 

This human experience is a grace field, and you are deeply and profoundly honored to behold its beauty with everything you’ve got, with the only response to it all that makes any sense whatsoever:  not, “give me more groovy experiences, give me bliss, give me ‘no self,’ give me ‘no conflict,’ take away all the yuckies forever”– but, “Oh my god, thank you. No matter what experience is given – whether there is a self there, or a personality, or something yucky, or “conflict," I will make use of everything that is offered, to connect deeply with others, willing to remain unberably vulnerable forever, and to become a transparent vessel for the radical and ever-transformative movement of love.”

Photo credit: Diana Thorold - http://bit.ly/VD5lcH