Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Golden Age of Me

Our planet has been graced with a handful of deeply realized men and women who have given everything for the truth, who have spent their lives (many decades) polishing the heart and wading into the darkness that the journey demands. These days – when spiritual materialism and spiritual bypassing run rampant – we find ourselves face to face with the “awakening” that is bought and sold in the spiritual marketplace and its parody-like claims of “full” and “permanent” “enlightenment” (for the right price, if you just take the right magical multi-thousand dollar course, have the right ultra special and fabulous "state" of consciousness, etc.). The ego is a creative character and has become expert at co-opting even the spiritual journey of “awakening” as a way to keep itself alive and kicking. To even speak of the great realizers in the same sentence as what is peddled and sold as “awakening” these days is amusing, and also a bit sad, at least for me. 

Fear and specialness will always sell, and the need to be seen as special will always be more popular than the heart-crushing path of the true sanatana dharma, which is simply not all that compelling to most these days, and just too demanding, and requires *everything*. Who really wants to give up everything – including our spiritual me me me identity projects and ultra special states of consciousness – for the truth? Awakening is sold as some way to “never experience conflict,” to “not have a self,” to “no longer have a personality,” and so forth – this is a spirituality of fear, not love; of ego, not God. The deep rooted need to be seen, to be special, and the flowering of unrecognized messianic complexes by self-proclaimed "avatars", selling awakening like the man selling water at the ocean, seem to rule the day… the “awakening” that must be “given to you” (for the right number of dollars) is the doorway into delusion. So much for the “end” of the Kali Yuga and the birth of a “Golden Age” lol – seems pretty obvious the Golden Age of Ego is running the 2012 awakening show. The Golden Age of Me. 

Follow the yellow brick road…