Monday, December 17, 2012

Reflection upon faith

A friend asked what my relationship was with the concept of “faith.” For her, faith is an essential aspect of her spiritual life – and I enjoyed hearing how meaningful this was for her. I appreciated the opportunity to reflect with her on this – and also within myself about the idea of faith as it is not a word I use all that much. What I realized, for me, is that faith, more than anything, is a trust in the basic goodness of the human heart – a primordial, embodied, intuitive confidence that it is in fact possible for this heart to continue to break open, and for each and every human being to become a more and more luminous vessel through which love can move in this world. In dialogue with my friend, I saw that if I had “faith” in anything, that it was this. 

My friend and I both came to a place where we could really appreciate how one another organized their experience around “faith” and the meaning that we each made of it. Words like “faith” and “God” and “awakening” and “enlightenment” have come to us in such a pre-packaged way in contemporary spirituality, and in so many ways have lost their meaning, at least for many of us. At best, they are fingers pointing at the moon reflected in the pool of our own hearts; at worst, they are precursors for war – between cultures, between religions, and between the light and shadow that is within us all. We saw together, despite our different ways of approaching this idea, how the notion of “faith” continually expresses itself through both of us as the sweetest kind of longing to know love as the fundamental organizing principle of every particle of matter which could ever make up this utterly gorgeous Universe, of every cell of this vulnerable beating heart, and of every grace-strand of DNA that keeps this sacred human body from disintegrating into light.