Saturday, September 15, 2012

The open doorway in the center of your heart

In the very center of your heart, there is always an open doorway. It has nothing to do with any of this movement into “higher” states of consciousness, with the mythical sustained transcendent experience, or moving beyond this messy world of intimacy, confusing gooey love, and human vulnerability. It wants so badly for you to walk through, to meet for the first time this unbearable longing to be home, to behold for the first time the miracle of this precious human body, of *these* thoughts, of *these* feelings, of *these* passing states of consciousness. For in just one moment of caring enough – of somehow resisting the call to exit this experience for another – what you see is that it is all made of love, crafted out of the substance of love, all the way through, from the inside-out and outside-in. And no matter what the details of your specific and deeply personal reality, love has somehow configured itself as your unique life, and has offered itself as a gift… only forever waiting for you to receive it, as it is.


  1. I struggle sometimes to see that it is all made of love.....unconsciousness in its most cruel forms sickens to come to terms with it? to embrace it? can a wounded soul ever recover and become whole again?...

    1. Hi Marina, thank you for sharing with me here... yes, the struggle you speak of is so natural... this not coming to terms, this difficulty in embracing... all of this, too, can be met, can be fully allowed in - everything is welcome here. Love, here, is that flow of grace which takes us directly into our experience, all the way, without holding back - into the grief, the despair, the sadness, all of it. Love is something, in my experience, that we can never come to terms with, never fully embrace - as it is its terms that dictate this life - it is coming to terms with us, embracing us... it is simply too bright for us to ever wrap ourselves around or resolve. yes, the wounded soul, we have all been deeply affected by Life and its movement. what is there that has never been wounded by Life - and could never ever be wounded. what is there that has always been whole, than could never be other than whole, no matter what has happened... thank you for sharing this journey with me, Marina.

  2. Thank you for your response, Mat! You will not believe how much I got out of it...of'course it's the other way job is allowing to be embraced, wrapped up, healed....otherwise it will always be like an uphill struggle if I continue thinking that it's "I" who has to come to terms, resolve, heal, become may still be a struggle sometimes (when I forget) but it feels more downhill....already...isn't it something what we call surrender...something that mind alone cannot grasp?'s a relief... I even yawned and decided it's time for me to go to bed :))
    Sending you my sincere gratitude...:)