Sunday, September 16, 2012

Autumn and her invitation to enter into the direct revelation of the mysteries of love…

In the early morning in the mountains the fall has arrived, sharing her special grace in a way that touches me like no other. It’s sometimes so hard to believe that another day has been given, another opportunity to allow the energies of love to make themselves known as this sensual world, sent from beyond, laid out as one harvest feast of grace for lover and beloved and their union. The fact that we’re here at all is the only miracle – that we’ve been given these hearts that can feel so much; that we can love and be loved; that we can reach out and touch another with these most precious hands; that we can take a moment to say something kind to another – the grace-harvest of this Life, the endless bounty of these senses and this longing to return Home.

It appears we will be gifted with one more autumn; an unfathomable, humbling, awe-inspiring opportunity. May her sensual, deep richness infuse our lives – with her colors, her wisdom, and her luminosity guiding us into the direct revelation of the mysteries of love as they pour out of the center of our Milky Way home, flooding into each and every heart on this one-and-only sweetest of planets.