Sunday, September 2, 2012

A shooting star - and an unwavering faith in love's perfection...

Sometimes we pretend that there really is something more than love that matters… sometimes we look up into the pre-dawn sky and are just not sure… we know that somehow it must be possible for this life to give us more sweetness, more connection, more grace, more awakening, more intimacy, more joy, more lovers. We wonder if we’ve done something wrong: perhaps we’ve not prayed hard enough, in the right way; meditated enough; served enough; hurt enough; opened ourselves enough; forgave enough; let things go enough.

And in one moment we realize this life may not be what we think; that love is orchestrating this reality according to an intelligence and creativity originating from beyond, gushing its grace-essence into and throughout our world in ways we’ll never know. Rumi shares with us: “Admit your arrogance as the stars do at dawn. When the sun goes down, Venus begins bragging, claiming light, arguing her loveliness over the moon’s. Jupiter lifts a gold coin from his bag. Mars shows the sharpness of his blade to Saturn. Mercury sits on a high seat and gives himself successive titles. That is how it goes in the middle of the night. Then dawn. Jupiter is suddenly poor. Mars and Saturn have no plans. Venus and the moon run away, broken and terrified. Then the sun within the sun enters. And this night and day talk seems a meaningless convention, the lighting business.” Oh my, how could a human being say such things? That broken-openness, that longing, that recognition of grace, that aloneness, that undying gratitude.

And then… a shooting star pours its grace throughout the early morning sky, which I barely glimpse… did that really just happen? Oh my… suddenly it is so clear… love is not something that comes to us, but it is what we are, it is what this precious human body is constructed of, it is what made this DNA, and is the substance of each and every cell of this heart. And we know at the deepest somatic levels that in any moment that could ever be – whether joyful or sad or vulnerable or scared – we could never find any separation between ourselves and love, between ourselves and Life. And then we behold Venus, the moon, the other stars, the comets, this precious milky way that we call our home… and what could possibly be left other than an unwavering faith in love’s perfection.