Sunday, September 9, 2012

A luminous vehicle for the seeding of grace throughout this world...

How can we ever really know what love wants from us, how life wishes to move through us, how it desires to make use of these bodies and these hearts and these senses to express its sweetness in the world of time and space? So much of our inner work has become about how we can get from here to there – from the mess and muck and gooey, stickiness of the relative, of intimacy, of relationships, of emotional intensity – to the absolute, to God, to peace, to happiness, to some pre-packaged set of experiences that show us that everything is okay, safe, secure, resolved, wrapped up in a tidy life-package that we can rest in and find ground. But the heart knows nothing about these things. It knows nothing of resolution, of everything being okay, of some final certainty, and knows that in any moment the beloved, in whatever form she chooses to take, may shatter it into billions of tiny pieces, each one a special grace-friend sent from beyond to show us something precious about the mystery of Being. 

Perhaps the journey is not so much about traveling from here to there, from human to Divine, from relative to Absolute, from yucky to yummy, but rather how Love wishes to make use of the relative, how it wishes to pour its grace through these bodies and these senses, and the crafting of each of us as alchemical vessels of love in action. No more reaching out for more grace, more experiences, more spirituality, more love, but giving this life all the way to that intelligence and creativity that designed the stars and the tides and the strands of human DNA and each light-particle of the blossoming rose – and watching the miracle of love as it reorganizes *everything* in our experience… in awe and unfathomable gratitude as to how we are forever being invited to become a luminous vehicle for the seeding of grace throughout this world.


  1. Thank you Matt. Your words are very supportive, and at the same time they are feeding the tantrum inside: "why don´t I feel awe and unfathomable gratitude for being alive, I don´t want to be bored by all the ordinary moments (but I am), there must be something I am not getting, since I keep wanting something better etc. etc." It is really about staying with present experience, isn´t it, the tantrum, the wanting, the boredom.Not to achieve anything, just because that is What Is, and trying to escape is what is really painful. So much love

    1. Thank you, Agnete, for sharing your heart here. Yes, this tantrum inside, this lion's roar of freedom that is calling out within us, demanding our utter authenticity, screaming out for our attention, just one sacred moment of our love. We're quite sure we should be grateful and not bored, extraordinary and not ordinary, getting something instead of nothing. Each of these friends (the tantrum, the boredom, the conviction that i'm not getting something that i should be) - these ones are yearning to be met, to finally be cared for, held, embraced, validated. We can let them all the way in, for they offer unfathomable gifts... we can also let all the way in tendency to escape what is painful. Of course we would try to escape pain; this is the most natural thing for a human nervous system; we are wired in this way. We can let this in, too, everything is welcome here. lots of love, friend...