Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The joining forever of the lover and the beloved one...

The most illumined, breathtaking sunrise that has ever existed; the sweetest birdsong that has ever made its way into this dimension; the most overwhelming fragrance of the blooming rose bush; the unyielding touch of the wind that goes right through the skin and into the heart; the never-to-be-seen-again purples and pinks of the spring wildflowers. The gifts of the sensual world are offered from beyond, each a sacred messenger sent into the here-and-now by grace, inviting us into communion.

But when we are with that one that we love, none of these are noticed. No matter what is sent from beyond – the most earth-shattering beauty, grace, color, smells, sights, sounds – these could never steal our eyes away, not even for one instant. To gaze into their eyes, to touch their hair, to disappear into the actual cells of their heart. Everything else falls away. For one moment, even if the Divine itself arrives, still, nothing except this union, this flow of unbearable sweet nectar from beyond, that in one instant joins forever the lover and the beloved one, transforming each of them into the other.