Thursday, December 8, 2016

The unseen is always alive around you

There are times when the ground has fallen away, and there are no longer any reference points from which to make sense of what is happening. The rug has been pulled from under the life you thought was here, and were counting on to provide depth, solidity, and meaning. The narratives are conflicting, the feelings are contradictory, and the path forward is hazy. It’s as if you can’t access what was so clear from even a few days ago.

All of the work you’ve done – the surrendering, the healing, the insights, the discoveries, the realizations… for some reason, it’s no longer in reach. It’s as if you’re being asked to start over.

There is a sense that some sort of veil is parting, but what is coming next has not yet been given. At times it feels so alive in the unknown, but at other times it is disorienting, and you burn for resolution.

Rather than struggle against the uncertainty, give yourself permission to enter inside it. There is a refuge here, though it is hidden and may not be accessible via ordinary means. We don’t live in a world that honors the wisdom in confusion and doubt, but you were never designed to live someone else’s journey anyway.

Stay close to what is here now, even if what is here is flat, numb, confused, and devoid of hope. For these are special allies of the path, and operate outside conventional awareness. The unseen is always alive around you, taking form as signs, symbols, and guidance for the journey ahead. But the timeline is not of the known, and crafted of the stars.

You are not a project to be solved, but a mystery longing to come into form. Your disappointment, your despair, and the ones representing the death of old dreams – these uncommon helpers have arrived, along with the more conventional aides of joy, clarity, contentment, and hope – to midwife this mystery and to reveal that you are right on track.

Listen carefully to the invitation, as it arrives in a thundering silence: Today may not be a day for answers, but to let your heart break open to the vastness of the question.

Photo by Gregory Colbert