Saturday, December 24, 2016

A secret emissary of wholeness

As we make the journey with our fellow travelers, let us not disavow the lunar current, flowing into the unlit places, out of the lower worlds, and through the dark caverns of the psyche. This current is of the moon and a secret emissary of wholeness. The invitation here is one of embodiment – into vulnerability, chaos, and reorganization, each unique expressions of high-voltage creativity as love seeds the relative with its qualities.

No, it was never going to turn out the way we thought it would – the relationships, the work, the family, our bodies, our paths of awakening and healing. But the reordering of the heart is always of the unknown and will never conform to the dictates of the conventional world. By way of disappointment, deflation, and the revelation that we are all beginners on the path of love, the heart is polished and our wild uniqueness is revealed. As Rumi reminds us, “Let the beauty we love be what we do. There are hundreds of ways to kneel and touch the ground.”

Yes, there is something illuminating the way, but just what this is cannot often be apprehended by ordinary means. There is no external map here that you can rely on, only the one that is written inside you. While at times we sense the presence of this inner guidance, it often comes by hidden and symbolic means. We must learn to listen for it in a non-ordinary manner, not just with our ears but with the wisdom of the body, with the cells of the heart.

The mysteries of separation and union are already wired into you. Just look and see. As long as you are only in conscious, embodied, compassionate contact with half of the emotional spectrum, you will never feel fully alive, or will only feel “half” alive, which will never, ever meet your deepest longing. For you were not put here to live a half life.