Friday, December 16, 2016

A kindness that is full-spectrum

Even though you sense an unknown world of aliveness is available here, it may not be possible to fully participate until the spell that you are undeserving is broken. The trance is subtle, deeply embedded, and the product of both personal and collective misperception.

Anchor yourself in the wish to know what is true more than anything. Feel the support of the seen and unseen worlds. There is guidance all around you – signs, symbols, colors, and full-sensory information – but it is often hidden and not available to conventional awareness.

The vision is released only into an environment of kindness, in which the circuitry can be re-encoded with empathy, attunement, and new levels of creativity.

This is a kindness that is full-spectrum, however, ready to turn toward and integrate and all somatic energies, including rage, fear, jealousy, and confusion – metabolizing, recycling, and making use their raw material for the work of love.

Nothing is discarded any longer. The path is everywhere.