Saturday, November 5, 2016

Erupting, alive, unprecedented

Being aware of surging vulnerability in the body is not necessarily the same as experiencing it, of meeting it and going inside it to surround it with your raw, warm presence. It is not necessarily the way of full-bodied, full-spectrum penetration.

While clarity is one pathway – and deeply important – the way of the heart is another.

It is relatively easy to train yourself to stand back from the messiness of the emotional world – in some clear, safe, untouchable, detached place – dissolving everything as it arises into empty space. That is fine. Dissolve away. 

But it is something different altogether to take the risk of intimacy, of allowing yourself to be touched, to move beyond the great witness of your experience, and into the world of the lover.

The beloved has no interest in your safe witnessing. Only in communion. Only in your naked, intimate presence. Here it is often quite messy, a bit out of control, wild, untamed, and sure to never conform to the way we thought it would be. The creativity burns away the known and reveals essence.

This field of creativity is what you are. Erupting, alive, and unprecedented. Dancing outside the conceptual world altogether, yet ready at all times to infuse the conceptual with color and light.

Photographer unknown