Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Buried in the newly fallen snow

As you continue on the path, you are sure to meet many orphans of the heart – abandoned ones of the psyche and the somatic world, who have been turned away and denied holding in the crucible at the center. Personal and collective allies of integration, surging within and around you, seeking communion and permission to return home.

Sadness, shame, heartbreak, and rage – ancient travelers an on old journey, tired and in need of rest. Loneliness, confusion, joy, and fear – secret messengers sent from inside, to remind you of an inner part that you have lost contact with along the way.

At an earlier time, you were unable to provide safe passage for the voyagers, attuned sanctuary where they could support you as a fellow traveler for the journey ahead. But they have not given up. 

Whether during a conversation with a friend, hidden in the blue in the morning sky, or buried in the unfolding crystals of the newly fallen snow… within flowing water, inside a vague sense of longing for home, or by way of a vivid, translucent figure of the dream world, they are appearing at all times, and will never stop trying to reach you.

While at times they will come in sweet and peaceful forms, at other times they will utilize energies of deflation, ferocity, and wrath, whatever they must to remind you of what you are. In this way they are relentless, making use of the entirety of the phenomenal world to illuminate your path and to reveal how majestic it is inside you.