Saturday, November 26, 2016

A sacred deflation

From the perspective of exhaustion and confusion, it is intelligent to seek relief from the uncertainty, and to replace the groundlessness with something more stable. Honor the call to safe passage and something to hold onto. You need not pathologize the longing for solid ground from which to take your next step. It is an act of kindness to care for yourself in whatever ways you are able.
From the perspective of raw, reorganizing love, groundlessness and aliveness are one. For there is no intimacy without relentless embodiment to your vulnerability in all its forms. Here, there is nothing to hold onto, nothing to “heal,” and nothing to transform. The urgent requirement for an “improved” moment has fallen away into the vastness.
While the mind may spin trying to resolve this mystery, the conundrum is holy and has been placed inside you as the activity of primordial creativity. The relief and the rest you are longing for will never be found within the field of conceptual resolution, but only in fiery embodiment to the contradictions as they appear.
Though the activity of love is infinitely tender and holding, in its essence it is everything. At times it will employ the energy of deflation, to end one world so that another may begin. This deflation is non-ordinary and is sacred, and is a secret doorway that you can enter.

Artist unknown