Thursday, October 13, 2016

Unbearably holy

At times, the exhaustion can be overwhelming. The tired journey of becoming something other than what you are. All the practices, the techniques, the manifesting, the self-improvement. They have left you on the ground, burning up in the longing, and yearning for rest.

But this is no ordinary moment. For it is out of this holy mess that the most radical invitation can finally be heard: to trust in the flow of your immediate experience, exactly as it is, and to participate in the raging truth that nothing is wrong with you and that you are already whole.

It is this act of radical non-doing that will untangle the spell of self-abandonment once and for all. Not the non-doing of the mind – which is oriented in passivity, resignation, and failure – but that of the heart, which is alive with qualities of warmth, creativity, curiosity, and compassion.

The miracle is unlocked as you realize that you no longer need to transform, shift, change, or even “heal” your experience. But only to fully participate in it, surrounding it with presence and with kindness. It is by way of this alchemy that its essence and nature is revealed.

Within the field of what you are, you may be astonished to discover that even your most erupting neurosis, surging triggers and hooks, elaborate ways of self-protection, and penetrating fears of intimacy are revealed to be of the nature of wisdom itself, formed by the intelligence of an out of control sort of grace. Inside each and every cell of your open, luminous body is a pathway of transmutation, awaiting your participation.

Sadness, disappointment, joy, hopelessness, bliss, contentment, and fear – each equally an emissary of the beloved, appearing as light in the darkness to reveal one of the qualities of love as it pours into this world.

It may seem like such a simple commitment, but in practice it is a revolution. It will reveal that your life has never and could never be a problem in need of fixing, that you were never and could never be broken, and that you need not leave your immediate embodied experience ever again in order to enter the sacred world. For what you are is already unbearably holy.

You need no longer seek some other state of consciousness, for that which is here now is outrageously consecrated with pure spirit. You are being asked to surrender the ancient path of abandoning yourself and to practice a wild intimacy with all things. This is your birthright, and is the foundation of the rest you seek.

Stay close, and with a heart and with eyes wide open, the veil will part, and the revelation will appear as it is.