Sunday, October 16, 2016

A hidden doorway into presence

What I’m experiencing right now should not be happening.

This simple thought is the foundation of so much unnecessary suffering.

As an experiment – with curiosity and kindness as your guide – you could open to seeing the ways that this belief becomes wrapped around your raw, naked, immediate experience, moment by moment, in both obvious and in more subtle ways.

In order to do this, you must set aside the habitual activity of shaming, blaming, judging, and even trying to “understand” or “heal” your arising experience. Here, you need not even "accept" it.

As you slowly become more aware of how this belief colors your world and your perception, you could make the radical commitment to doing nothing about it.

Not a cold, detached, resigned, deadened nothing, which is the mind’s interpretation of “nothing.” But a warm, open, caring nothing that is rooted in wanting to know what is true more than anything. A fiery willingness and passion to stay close with your unfolding experience, grounded in compassion and aliveness.

Without an agenda to shift or transform it. To dare to love this life so much that you will not move from the burning, from the miracle, from the erupting intelligence of the somatic world. To know it, finally, and to hold it in a sanctuary of compassion and discovery.

Right in between the ancient responses of denial and seeking relief is a very alive, intimate, creative, yet groundless place. The threshold of this new life is inside you at all times.

Paradoxically, it is both empty and full here: empty of our concepts, but ragingly alive and pregnant with possibility and creativity. A new pathway has dawned, the new circuitry is forming. The circuitry of love. It is from this ground that all skillful action in the world is born.

Here your experience is allowed to be exactly what it is, and where the knots and tangles of the heart begin to loosen. And in this way even the deeply rooted urge to escape your experience can be used as the path home. Even non-acceptance, when met with an open heart, is shown to be a hidden doorway into presence.

It can be a revolution to discover that you need not do anything with these old limiting beliefs, or these conditioned emotional responses, for they will liberate on their own. They will reveal their luminous nature when met with the warmth of your being.

In the heart, there is no obstacle. Only more path. And more. And more. And more.