Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Intimacy with the unwanted

We want to share our joy, our happiness, and our peaceful clarity with others. It is so natural to want to uplift those we care about.

But perhaps the greatest gift we can give to another is the willingness to provide a home for the unwanted and abandoned within us.

When we offer sanctuary for our own unmet grief, loneliness, hopelessness, and confusion, a permission field arises in the space between. By removing the burden from the other to metabolize your emotional world for you, you are finally able see them as they are, an unprecedented expression of creativity and love.

As you stay attuned and intimate with what arises in your immediate experience, you discover that what whatever appears does so longing for just one moment of your compassionate, holding presence. It is this one moment that is a revolution, cutting into billions of moments where you have turned from the raging fire of what you are.

And in this discovery you realize that the erupting emotional world was never an obstacle to your path, but only the colorful, spacious, and vibrant path itself… inviting you into aliveness, calling you home again. For you now see that it is only in the abandonment of present experience that suffering can take root in this world.

In the space of this clear seeing, love is revealed to be taking form at all times as an alchemical holding crucible, in which two hearts unfold together – neither separate nor one – but as an expression of unknown, untamable, unresolvable creativity. It is out of this embodied wholeness that all healing emerges.