Friday, August 5, 2016

Love has no opposite

Some will tell you that fear is the opposite of love. And in this teaching the war begins.

But love has no opposite, for it is whole and without division. Love is the field in which all form comes and goes, including the temporary, wavelike appearance of fear. It is the vast, open space in which all emotions, feelings, and physical sensations arise, dance for a short while, and then dissolve.

Just like passing clouds could never taint the purity of the sky, the temporary dance of fear could never stain the majesty of what you are.

When fully met and safe passage is provided, all emotion and sensation, including fear, is able to reveal itself as none other than pure, creative intelligence in disguise. Fear, like all feelings, is a messenger from beyond, filled with information for the journey ahead. It is not an obstacle to the path, but is the path itself.

You need no longer practice a spirituality of aggression and abandonment, seeking to eradicate certain feelings, discarding them as invalid or "unspiritual," and working against you. You can explore them with curiosity, warmth, presence, and holding.

You need not fear fear, but can enter into intimate communion with it, as a valid part of you, rich with sacred data... appearing as a wrathful sort of wisdom-guide that can show you the way home.

Fear is not the opposite of love, for love has no opposite.