Thursday, August 25, 2016

Held with curiosity, kindness, and space

When you are triggered and emotion is surging within, you stand at the precipice of a new world.

On one side is the old pathway – of self-aggression, shame, blame, complaining, numbing, denying, and acting out. Of disembodying and returning into the storyline of what happened, as a way to take you out of the raging, sacred data that is alive within you. For it is usually much easier in the moment to tell a story about rage, about sadness, about fear, and about confusion, than to descend into the body and into communion with the alive, rippling, unknown energy.

But co-emerging with the protective path of fight, flight, and freeze is the new pathway which is crafted of neural grooves of presence, warmth, kindness, and self-care. To descend with your awareness out of the looping narrative and into the somatic landscape is a radical act of compassion and the activity of inner and outer revolution.

The story is also sacred, and can be re-authored and re-told, but only from a place of calm, of presence, of curiosity, and of care. You can come back to the story and offer a more up to date and integrated vision, once you have fully metabolized the emotions and the feelings, from a place of slow empathic presence. It is then that a new story can be woven.

Right in the core of the very hot, panicky, and claustrophobic sensations – erupting through your belly, your heart, and your throat – the unmet ones have come again. They will never give up on you, for they are emissaries of love, come this time in a wrathful form to remind you of wholeness and of how full-spectrum the journey of the heart really is.

In a moment of slowing way down and taking care of yourself in a new way, you may discover that these ones have not come in order to be understood, transformed, shifted, or even healed. But have come as part of the sacred return – to be met and held with curiosity, kindness, and space – as they long for reintegration into the majesty that you are.

Photo by Saqib Zulfiqr