Saturday, August 27, 2016

And so it goes on the path of the heart...

It can be so exhausting, the unrelenting project to become something other than what you are. To heal your past, to become “awakened,” to become less vulnerable, and to resolve the unresolvable activity of love as it comes into form here.

This search will always be available should you choose to continue it. But a new invitation has arrived. You are being asked to give yourself the gift of primordial rest. One holy moment of respite from the weary journey of becoming. This rest is not passive or resigned, but an expression of sacred activity, and a radical act of compassion.

Slow way down and open to what is here now, what was never unhealed, what was never untransformed, and to the erupting wisdom surging in the core of the raw, the naked, the tender, and the vulnerable.

Inside the palace of your own body, the beloved awaits. And cares not for your future awakening, healing, safety, and resolution. Only for your alive, burning, erupting heart… in all its groundless, collapsing, majestic glory.

In this palace you are always falling apart and coming back together again, only to fall apart once more. And so it goes on the path of the heart… each week, each day, each moment realizing how little you know about the mysteries of love, and how much deeper the journey really goes.