Sunday, May 15, 2016

Your only scriptures now...

The reorganizing, yet relentless purity of the unknown. The shaky feeling in your belly. The call toward true intimacy, and the simultaneous disorientation as you have no idea what will survive this sort of union.

The questions that once had answers… only a raw tenderness remains, with no sign of resolution.

The old idea that you could feel completely alive without staying fully embodied to how open it really is here, to the erupting of your vulnerability in all its forms. Sinking into the reality that it was never resolution that you were really after anyway. Just more aliveness.

Today was never going to be the day when you figured it out, wrapped it all up, or pinned down the movement of love. It is just too wild and creative for all that.

Today may not be the day for answers, but to let your heart break open into the vastness of the question. You can allow your heart to break when the forms of love change, for this is their nature. But love itself is that essence holding space that never comes and goes. This heartbreak is not a mistake or error that needs to be corrected, but a special portal into the sacred world.

No longer an orientation toward any particular feeling state, just an unconditional holding of the forms as they appear. No longer abandoning this for the dream of a future moment.
This longing, this burning, this uncertainty… these are your only scriptures now.