Thursday, May 5, 2016

Intimate participation in the unfolding now

As you continue on the path, you are sure to meet many orphans of the heart – abandoned ones of the psyche and the somatic world – who have been turned away and denied holding in the vastness that you are.

Sadness, shame, heartbreak, and rage – ancient travelers an on old journey, tired and in need of rest. Loneliness, disappointment, confusion, joy, and fear – secret messengers of the dark and of the light… sent from inside to remind you of a wholeness that you have forgotten.

As a little one – with a sensitive, ripening nervous system – you were unable to provide safe passage for the uninvited guests, clear sanctuary in which their wisdom could part the veil. But they have not given up. Whether as a conversation, the purple in the early evening sky, or buried in the unfolding petals of a new spring flower. As a surging emotion or as a vivid, translucent figure of the dream world, they are accessible at all times, and will never turn from you.

These ones will continue to erupt out of your body – and from the moon, the stars, the oceans, and the trees – as emissaries of integration, carrying important information for the journey ahead. Filled with space, with warmth, and with both gentle and fierce guidance, they arrive with an invitation.

Allow the spell of unworthiness to melt back into the muddy earth, taking with it the dream of a love coming in the future. The freedom you are longing for will never arise out of replacing one experience with another, but only from embodied, intimate participation in the unfolding now.

Photo by Benjamin Lowy