Saturday, May 28, 2016

In the middle is the secret place

Falling apart, then holding it all together. Then falling apart, then coming back together again. Cycles of integration and disintegration. Chaos and cohesion. Stillness and rest. Clarity and confusion. As flows the natural world, the unfolding of the heart is alive and relentlessly creative. It is unlikely to turn out the way you thought it would. This is not evidence that something has gone wrong, but of how open it really is here.

If you remain too identified with “falling apart,” you lose contact with the radiance within, and become misattuned to the flow of somatic experience, exactly as it is. You disconnect with the intelligence of embodied presence, with the wisdom of the earth, and with the realization that nothing has ever been wrong with you. You forget that the darkness, when provided sanctuary, is brighter than a thousand suns.

But if you remain too identified with “holding it all together,” you disconnect from your natural vulnerability and the spontaneous mystery as it appears, turning from the surging reality that your heart could break at any moment. It is true that raw, tender heartbreak could approach at any time, requesting safe passage inside you. But it is through this broken aliveness that the poetry of your life will flow.

Right in the middle of “falling apart” and “holding it together” is the secret place. Stay there. Explore there. It is here where you will find the rest you are longing for, the remedy to the exhaustion of becoming. It is here where the light and the dark are in union, where integration and disintegration emerge as one in love, and where lunar and solar weave together particles of the sacred world.

Artist unknown