Sunday, April 3, 2016

You can rest now

As you wander through this new day, stay embodied to the vulnerability as it washes through you. Stay close as the emissaries of love unfold through time and space using the doorways of your senses to come alive here.

It is unlikely you’re ever going to resolve the waves of love as they are too creative. Maybe all that is left is to just fall apart a bit. And then see if you were ever really together to begin with. You can rest now. And see if there has ever actually been an incomplete moment.

It is so exhausting, the unending project to become something, to become someone, to awaken, to transform, to heal, to be someone new. Perhaps today can be a day of respite from a tired journey of becoming. There are colors, fragrances, sounds, and the somatic spinning of light… they are assembling now, come to remind you of something a weary world has forgotten.

As you give yourself the gift of primordial rest, do whatever you can to help others. Hold them and offer them the gift of your kindness and your presence. Show them how much you love them and how much you care about how they are making meaning of their life as a sensitive, alone, and connected human being. Together you will weave a new narrative, one that is made of the stars.

Look carefully at the one you love for in the not-so-distant future they will no longer be here. You may not be able to touch and to hold them tomorrow. And then look in the mirror and be astonished at the way the particles of light and dark have woven together. You have no idea who you are. Give everything to the immensity of this mystery.

The aliveness you are longing for is here now. It is blossoming though in a way that may be hidden, for unknown reasons. As the veil is parted and the secret moon inside your heart appears, you will remember how precious it truly is here. And what a rare opportunity you have been given to break open in a raging star where love is alive.