Thursday, April 28, 2016

An extraordinary meeting

While it may appear to be another ordinary day, an extraordinary meeting is being assembled. The hidden members of your inner family are the honored guests: the achy one, the confused one, the vulnerable one, and the one who is uncertain about what is coming next.

At times, it can seem that these ones are obstacles along the way, clouding your path and interfering with your longing for intimacy and connection. But in one moment of clear seeing, it is revealed that the path is everywhere. And that the nature of any obstacle, when metabolized in open awareness, is none other than the way home.

Something is being reorganized, but it’s not possible to know who you will be on the other side. It’s just too creative. None of the old reference points around which you have come to organize your experience are all that relevant any longer. While this sort of groundlessness can be terrifying to the one longing for certainty and resolution, it is simultaneously exhilarating to a heart opening into aliveness.

Love is always appearing in new and ever-creative configurations. It will never give up on you and will continue looking for you into eternity, taking whatever form necessary to remind you of how vast you are. In this way, it is a great shapeshifter, willing to use both dark and light to remind you of something important that may have been forgotten.

As your lovers, your children, your friends, and your feelings – as the colors, fragrances, and essences of the phenomenal world – even as the sunrise and the deer and the trees and the wind, love will continue its journey, until the luminous purity of all form is unveiled.

Photo credit: Senja, Husfjellet, Norway, by Daniel Kordan