Sunday, March 6, 2016

The rich soil of the darkness

We hear a lot these days about positive thinking, maintaining a state of “happiness” and “high vibration,” and attracting and manifesting all the groovy things (whether internal states or external objects) we think we need to live a life of freedom and aliveness.

There is nothing wrong with thinking positively, being happy, or making effort toward improving our lives. But if these things are done by way of disembodiment to the darkness, we may find ourselves feeling flat, not quite alive, a bit disconnected, and cut off from the full-spectrum nature of what it means to be a human being.

There is a journey of wholeness that has been placed inside you, unfolding in the very rich soil of the darkness. It comes revealing special jewels found only in the very core of the mess, the chaos, and the confusing splendor of the here and now. Provide a home where the light and the dark may come into union and you will see them.

As the veil is parted and as your heart-vision is cleansed, you may become astonished at what love will do to reach you. And to seed this world with its qualities.

Photo credit: Psyche and Cupid, from the Louvre by Antonio Canova