Saturday, March 5, 2016

A firestorm of unprecedented creativity

It is not an error that you have been born a sensitive human being, with a tender nervous system and a heart that is sometimes raw and broken. Your vulnerability is not a mistake, but has been placed inside you as a portal into aliveness. It is shaky here, and surging with life.

While the world may try to convince you to mend the brokenness and to resolve the contradictory feelings, look carefully to see if this is in resonance with the vow you have taken.

Hidden inside the broken and the abandoned are jewels of dark and of light, and the unfolding mystery of separation and union. But this revelation is not perceivable by means of ordinary vision.

When the longing burns away the dream of separation, the petals of love will unfold inside you. And all that will remain is what you are and always have been: a firestorm of unprecedented creativity.

While the path of the heart may not always ‘feel’ safe, what you are is the vast space in which all feelings come and go. There is nothing more safe than that. There is nothing more holy than that.

Artist unknown