Sunday, February 7, 2016

Your only scriptures now

The longing for aliveness. The shaky feeling in your belly. The call toward - and the simultaneous fear of true intimacy. The unsurety of it all. The questions that once had answers… only a raw tenderness remains, with no sign of resolution.

What once seemed so clear… you just don’t know anymore. Why you’ve come here. What is being asked of you. What to give yourself to. The clarity has been replaced with… well, nothing. No longer an orientation toward any particular feeling state, just an ever present burning. No longer spinning for ‘happiness.’ Only wholeness.

This longing, this burning, this uncertainty… these are your only scriptures now. Turn toward them. You are right on track.

While it may appear that the heartbreak, the confusion, and the unbearable reconfiguring are obstacles along the way, they are none other than secret messengers of the beloved, forming the path around you, clearing things away so that new forms of love and creativity may come into this world by way of your ripening heart.

Each person, every conversation, each surge of emotion. Each color, fragrance, sunrise, and falling star – emerging out of the unseen to remind you of a truth long-forgotten: The more sacred life energy you spend trying to escape the open, groundless, tender vulnerability, the less alive you will feel. For vulnerability and aliveness are one, co-arising and dancing in union.

Photo credit: Tony Luciani – “Catching an Angel”