Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Turn toward the brokenness

At times, an achy heart will appear as your teacher, and you will be asked to take the journey of raw, tender burning. While you may long for a different teacher and another way, yours is the path of direct revelation.

Something is being reorganized, but you don’t know who you will be on the other side. This is terrifying to a mind longing for certainty and resolution. Yet utterly exhilarating to a heart longing for aliveness. Allow the forms of love to reorder themselves, for this is their nature.

Before you spin to repair your broken heart, turn toward it, and ask first if it wishes to be mended. Inside the soreness are particles of pure aliveness. Place these particles on the altar in front of you.

Inside your body are the sun and the moon, the stars, the oceans, and the mountains of dark and of light. Open into the wisdom field that is the somatic world, and attune to your sacred vulnerability. For there is no greater temple.

Artist unknown