Saturday, February 13, 2016

Into the crucible

When a disturbing feeling appears, it is not evidence that something is wrong with you, that you have failed, or that you are in need of ‘healing.’ It is an invitation.

When you are triggered by a lover, a child, a family member, or friend, an opportunity for integration has been offered. While the heat, the claustrophobia, and the panic may be surging, you are on the threshold. What pathway will you take? For in the middle place – just in between the ancient reactivity of fight and flight – a new world awaits.

Underneath the very vivid and colorful narrative, life is longing to make itself known. It will never give up. It is erupting with pure transformative energy, and yearning for just one moment of your presence and your holding. At times, this energy will take form as sadness or as heartbreak. At other times as joy and rest. Still other times, as rage, jealousy, grief, and bliss.

Love is a shape-shifter. And will use the entirety of the emotional and somatic landscape to bring you alive, to remind you of what it means to be here fully, to be open and sensitive, and of the vow you once made to never abandon yourself.

As you travel on the path of the heart, you may be astonished as your emotional and your somatic spectrum expands. Maybe there was once a dream that it would contract, that you would feel less, not care so much, and remain a detached witness of it all. But the call now is into the richness of more feeling, more embodiment, and more vulnerability.

Into the crucible of intimacy with all things.