Sunday, February 21, 2016

At the precipice of a new world

When you are triggered and emotion is surging within, you stand at the precipice of a new world. On one side is the old pathway – of self-aggression, shame, blame, complaining, numbing, denying, and acting out. Of disembodying and returning into the storyline of what happened, as a way to take you out of the raging, sacred data that is alive in your torso. For it is much safer to tell a story about rage, about sadness, about fear, and about confusion, than to descend into the body and into communion with the alive, rippling, unknown energy.

But co-emerging with the protective path of fight, flight, and freeze is the new pathway of embodied aliveness – neural grooves of presence, warmth, kindness, and self-care. To descend with your awareness out of the looping narrative and into the somatic landscape is a radical act of compassion and the activity of inner and outer revolution.

Right in the core of the very hot, panicky, and claustrophobic sensations – erupting through your belly, your heart, and your throat – the unmet ones have come again. They will never give up on you, for they are emissaries of love, come this time in a wrathful form to remind you of wholeness and of how full-spectrum the journey of the heart really is. They are not here to be understood, transformed, shifted, or healed. But have come as part of the sacred return, seeking metabolization in the vastness of being.

Use your breath to direct attention into the center of whatever feeling is arising. Send awareness inside your emotions and saturate them with presence and with holding. Even for one second, two seconds, three seconds, and then rest. There is so much space around your sadness, your rage, your disappointment, and your hopelessness.

As you practice relational intimacy with the display of the somatic world, you will naturally attune to the breath as it passes in and out of your lungs. Take a moment to behold the miracle that this truly is.

But it is the substance of reorganizing and transmuting love which is moving in and out of your heart. Oxygenate your entire being with this sacred material, and allow it to wash and nourish you, cell by cell by cell.

Photographer unknown