Friday, January 29, 2016

The reorganizing activity of love

As the reorganizing activity of love infuses the relative with its essence, it will do so by means of contact and space. These primordial qualities are alive in all our relationships, with other people as well as with the unmet ‘inner other’ of the rich somatic landscape.

By ‘contact,’ we commit to staying close to our immediate experience. Whether shame, rage, or heartbreak is washing through, we surround it with warmth, holding the vulnerability as it surges, for it is our connection to aliveness.

Rather than seeking relief from the sacred material, the focus is shifted to curiosity: what is this? What is its color? Its fragrance? How does it feel in my body? As it washes through, what conclusions do I come to about my life and worth as a person? What are the specific ways I turn from myself to get out of feelings I do not want to feel?

By no longer abandoning ourselves as we had to do at an earlier time and place, we make a vow of self-kindness. We commit to calling all of the orphaned children home, back into the womb of presence, so that they may come to completion within us.

The component of ‘space’ refers to returning over and over into unstructured states of being, where nothing is ‘unhealed’ or in need of transformation. We come to rest in what we are, with nothing to create or destroy, nothing to manifest, no ‘higher’ vibration to enter into, no addiction to endless self-improvement, no ‘other’ needed to complete us, and no more investment into the dream that we are incomplete. We soak in immediate experience, exactly as it is, rather than in our interpretations of it.

These qualities of contact and space are not outside you, awaiting some future moment when you ‘awaken,’ ‘heal your past,’ or become someone different. They are here now, weaved into the cells of your heart and throughout the pathways of your miracle nervous system.

As you offer these gifts to yourselves and to others, the mysteries of separation and union come alive. And through your care and your love, a luminous holding environment is woven, into the stars and the mountains and oceans, available for all beings everywhere.

Photo by Johnny Franzen