Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Vast, warm, luminous space

I am willing to allow joy. And also willing to be the space in which sadness can appear and flow within me.

I am willing to provide safe passage for the movement of separation and of union, for I am alive and attuned to the dance of dark and light in all its forms.

I am willing to provide a sanctuary for fear, to create a home for disappointment, to stay close with despair, and to say yes to hopelessness. For these ones have come from the unseen to reveal wholeness and the full-spectrum nature of love.

Perhaps your experience is not as much about you as it appears. Yes, loneliness has come, but is there a lonely one? Disappointment has infused the space around, but are you able to find the disappointed one? As an open, human being, waves of confusion may regularly wash through you, but where is the confused one? Have you actually looked and found these ones within your immediate, non-interpretive experience?

When you discover that the freedom you so tenderly long for arises out of the commitment to full participation in the actuality of your experience exactly as it is – and not in the changing, transforming, or healing of it – you begin to rest in the majesty of your essential nature. Perhaps you need not ‘heal’ your experience, but hold it, and welcome it into the crucible of aliveness.

What you are is vast, warm, luminous space, a brilliant landscape of compassion and presence in which love can do its work here.

Photo by Sandra Bartocha