Thursday, December 10, 2015

Stay in bed with the beloved

There is a portal which opens as you transition out of the dream state into waking reality. In this subtle realm of experience, a unique opportunity is offered to explore the nature of awareness, and the unfolding particles of love as they give birth to a new moment.

In this rarified landscape, your habitual, familiar sense of self has not yet crystallized. You do not know if you are ‘awakened,’ ‘enlightened,’ a 'spiritual' person, happy, hopeless, connected, separate, a success, a failure, worthy, unworthy, 'healed' or utterly neurotic – these dreams have not yet formed. The story of 'me' has yet to be told.

Here, behind the veil, it is only you and the beloved. You are in his or her erupting palace, which remains outside the mandates of the conventional world. It is alive and drenched in creativity, yet is not organized around your hopes, fears, preferences, and ‘needs.’ The inner caverns and chambers are opening, yet are not reachable by way of what has come before.

Becoming familiar with this lucid area of consciousness provides a glimpse of how the mysteries of dark and light work together through fragments of love, to weave the display of the relative world.

Stay in bed with the beloved for a few extra moments, Keep the door closed, remain unclothed of concept, open into the ripening invitation. And see what he or she has to say.

Art credit: The Flammarion engraving – "L'atmosphère: météorologie populaire” (1888) – artist unknown