Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Messengers of integration

Use your breath to direct attention into the center of whatever feeling or sensation is arising. Send awareness inside your emotions and fill them with particles of warmth and presence.

Though the messengers of integration will at times take disturbing forms, they are not happening 'to' you from the outside. They are pieces of you that you have abandoned long ago, your best efforts at the time to protect yourself from overwhelm and psychic disintegration. But they have returned in the radiant here and now as surging emissaries of wholeness, come to take their rightful place and remind you of something important you have forgotten.

As you practice holding the display of the emotional world, stay attuned to the breath as it passes in and out of your lungs. Take a moment to behold the miracle that this truly is. For in one future moment, the beloved will withdraw this offering and a new portal will open.

As you peer just slightly beyond the veil, however, you will realize it is no ordinary air which is passing through the cells of our heart. Here, there is only the reorganizing substance of love. Within the union of spacious presence and fiery compassion, this material will infuse and will nourish you, revealing a doorway into intimacy with all things.

Sunrise nearby Brainard Lake – photographer unknown