Sunday, November 1, 2015

Within the crucible of somatic reconfiguration

At times, answers will come to your questions, and at other times confusion will surge. The longing for resolution feels urgent. You are so tired.

There was some idea that as you opened, as you awakened – as you gave everything to know what is true – that clarity would dawn, that the burning would diminish, and that the groundlessness would yield to bliss. But love is not organized around your preferences and your most cherished beliefs. It is unprecedented, outrageous, and a firestorm of untamed creativity.

For a moment, you forgot that the beloved will shapeshift into any form in order to bring your heart alive. While you may have a bias for the sweet, the joyful, the clear, and the safe, the beloved has no such bias. For she is equally prepared to unleash the fierce, the destructive, and the chaotic to reach you and to reassemble the inner and outer worlds.

Before you abandon the erupting reorganization and scramble to resolve it with spiritual belief and process, consider the possibility that this reordering is sacred, and not in need of your ‘transformation’ or ‘healing.’ It is intelligent and pure, but its wisdom may always feel disorienting to the density of the conceptual. Drop into the realm of the body and rest in the pathways of unfolding dark and light.

Within the crucible of somatic reconfiguration, it is inevitable that old dreams will fall away and who you thought you were will be incinerated into ashes of integration. Stay embodied to the crumbling disappointment for it is consecrated with piercing aliveness. It is forming the womb required for new forms of love and creativity to take birth inside you.

It can be astonishing to realize that everyone and everything is being uniquely arranged for your illumination.

Photo by tarzan1234 – by way of Shutterbug