Friday, November 6, 2015

The way of non-abandonment

At times you will find yourself drifting through the portal, wandering through realms of dark and of light. While things may be falling apart and re-organizing within and around you, stay close to the sadness, the joy, the loneliness, and the bliss. For it is these and all forms that you will use to open hearts around you.

No, it will never turn out the way you thought it would. For the activity of love is too creative, too untamed, too unresolvable – and will never be organized around your preferences, hopes, and fears. This is the gift of form, an offering made to you from the unseen. It is holy, and alive. You are alive. Now.

As you peer beyond the veil, the sacred world is erupting with energy, and your path is laid out before you – that of direct revelation. No more second-hand knowledge, old worn out concepts, disembodied belief, and someone else’s experience.

No longer dictated by a bias for union over separation, oneness over multiplicity, or joy over sorrow, you remain astonished at the revelatory nature of every form, and how each is equally used to seed the mandala of love. Yours is the way of non-abandonment, and penetrating, full-spectrum intimacy.

Utterly whole, yet unbearably broken-open. Committed to staying sensitive and attuned to the unfolding of the miracle, embodied forever to the aliveness of the non-conceptual world.

Photographer unknown