Monday, November 23, 2015

The path of sacred return

The next time you get triggered, pause and bring your attention back into the body. Cut into the urgency to get away from the erupting sensations. While it may appear your survival is at risk, these ones are carriers of holy data, seeking to be allowed back into the vastness. Yes, the guardians of panic, fear, anxiety, and rage may be protecting the gate, but these ones, too, are made of space and of light when entered into nakedly, with loving presence.

Listen carefully. There is something that wants to be met – an old abandoned vulnerability that has yet to receive your holding, your presence, and your care. What is it that is knocking? It will continue to look for you, but keeps getting missed in the thickness of the storyline, and in the abandonment of the here and now. The narrative has served its function to prevent the meeting, as the time has not yet been right, but this is a sacred confrontation, and a portal into the wildness of your own heart.

The aliveness appearing in your torso – the surging activity in your belly, in your chest, and in your throat – this display is not a mistake, an error, or evidence that something has gone wrong. It is Life, longing to make itself known, an intelligent flow of energy underlying the erupting feelings, emotions, and sensations.

While it may appear that the object of your longing is on the outside, see that you are only ever longing for your own presence. As you remain committed to the path of embodiment and metabolization by love, you will watch as this presence takes form as intimacy with all things.

It is by way of this sacred return – by turning into the aliveness in both its calming and its disturbing forms – that the knots of your body and the tangles of your heart will slowly unwind, revealing the freedom that is always, already here.